Auto Recycling

Jones Auto Wreckers was established in 1937. Since that time Jones has grown and become a modern automobile recycling facility.

Most are probably not aware that an automobile is almost 100 percent recyclable. Upon receipt of a vehicle, Jones removes environmentally all of the refrigerants and fuels. This is done in an environmental manner in an area that is protected that is environmentally proofed. This has been examined and certified by the Ministry of the Environment.

The refrigerants and fuels are then recovered and reused. some refrigerants are sent out to, where they re-use or recycle them. Transmission fluid, motor oil, and other fluids are also removed, recovered and sent from the facility where they can be reused. Gas tanks are emptied and the empty tank is sent to a recycling facility that has been approved by the Ontario government, This is the first important step of recycling an automobile.

After all of the fluids have been drained and removed, our skilled technicians remove the mercury switches. During this step the technicians overlooks the car and removes any car part that can be re-used and re-sold. There are skilled technicians that dismantle the vehicles. They test all parts to determine which are reusable and re-sellable. These car parts are then made available through the Hollander system which many parts distributors or other auto wreckers can access.

Tires are also removed and sent to the Ontario Tire Stewardship thru the Ontario government where they are then recycled in an environmental manner.

After a complete overhaul of the vehicle, the remainder which is unable scrap metal is shipped from our facility to a metal processing plant. At this location the vehicle is shredded and the stell is separated and then re-used and re-sold around the world.

Then, the scrap vehicle may to be used for many products or it may be in the car that you are about to purchase. This is a complete Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - circle.

Since most of us are dependant upon vehicles. It is vitally important to have an environmentally safe and certified location to recycle old and decrypted vehicles. It matters where you scrap your car!!! Please make sure that you choose a certified auto recycler.

Recycle Your Scrap Car


"I have had only great experiences working with Jones Auto recyclers in Toronto. As a do it your - selfer, I purchase all my used parts from them and have never had any issues. They always have what I need at affordable prices and great service. I have even had them pick up 2 older cars for disposal and again only great things to say! Thank You Jones Auto Recyclers!"

Lee – Toronto, Ontario